Evaluating Components of Nurse Residency Programs That May Impact Nurse Retention Rates Beyond the Initial Year of Hire

dc.contributor.authorColeman, Chrissie
dc.contributor.authorMiddlekauff, Jennifer
dc.contributor.authorNash, Wendie
dc.description.abstractPurpose: To create a framework of components for successful nurse residency programs (NRP) where the key goal is for improving nurse retention rates in the second year of hire. PICO: Among new graduate nurses who participate in a nurse residency program, what components of the NRP can increase an organization’s second year retention rate? Literature Review: Research studies have shown that participation in a NRP leads to an increase in retention in the first year of hire. While NRPs offer a way to improve first year retention rates, further research is needed to assess the effectiveness of content, structure, and to assess retention rates past the initial year of hire. Theoretical Framework: Benner’s Nursing Theory, From Novice to Expert provides a framework for use as a consistent guide for the key elements of NRP’s and this project. Methods: IRB approval was granted for an evidence based project to proficiently analyze relevant and current evidence, and conduct expert interviews with Human Resources (HR) and NRP experts. Data were collected through guided NRP and expert HR interviews to determine possible components of NRP programs that could impact second year retention rates. Results: This evidence based project has created an opportunity to disseminate knowledge for best practice, as well as recommending revisions for NRP’s to meet the contemporary needs of healthcare systems. An NRP’s utilization of the Framework of Successful Components may optimize retention among second year nurses. Recommendations: Next steps needed are to begin building relationships between HRs and NRPs beyond the initial year of hire, supporting an assessment of current technological capabilities, and lastly, to consider potential benefits of rural communities participating in an NRP program and the support needed for this to occur.
dc.identifier.citationColeman, C., Middlekauff, J., & Nash, W. (2021). Evaluating components of nurse residency programs that may impact nurse retention rates beyond the initial year of hire [MSN Capstone presentation]. Lincoln, NE: Bryan College of Health Sciences.
dc.publisherBryan College of Health Sciences
dc.subjectNurse residency programs
dc.titleEvaluating Components of Nurse Residency Programs That May Impact Nurse Retention Rates Beyond the Initial Year of Hire
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