The Relationship Between Nurse Educators’ Self-Reflection and Reflection on their Peers in Regard to Incivility.

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Incivility has a direct impact on nursing education including recruitment and retention as well as job satisfaction. An opportunity exists to explore reflections on the workplace civility behaviors of self and peers, and how those reflections and relationships can improve civility in nursing education. The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between self-reflection of civility related behaviors and reflection on the perceived behavior of peers, by nurse educators working within pre-licensure RN programs in the Midwest. The instrument utilized for this study was the Clark Workplace Civility Index © (WCI) which was adapted to collect data from a sample of 82 nurse educators practicing in associate degree and bachelor degree pre-licensure nursing programs in the Midwest. Participants were chosen by convenience sampling for this quantitative, correlational study. The results indicated a positive relationship between how participants reflected on their overall civility and that of their peers, as well as in regard to specific civility behaviors. In addition to many descriptive points, results demonstrated that participants most often scored themselves higher than their peers, that total civility scores for both participants and peers were higher when civility related activities had actively and successfully taken place, and that participants indicated that the tools and processes within the study would be beneficial within their own programs. Study findings indicate that further investigation into self-reflection and reflection on peers in regard to incivility is warranted to build solid efforts at improving civility in nursing education.
Nursing, Higher education, Health education, Incivility, Nursing education, Organizational culture, Work environment, Workplace civility
Cole, K. A. (2021) The relationship between nurse educator' self-reflection and reflection on their peers in regard to incivility. [Doctoral dissertation, Bryan College of Health Sciences].