Compassion awareness

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Bryan College of Health Sciences
PURPOSE: To increase awareness and educate on compassion fatigue versus compassion satisfaction, with two progressive care units, at a midwestern medical center. Following education, does this improve the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) nursing composite scores? BACKGROUND: Since the implementation of the HCAHPS, hospital reimbursement has been associated with quality metrics and patient experience ratings. The transparency and focus on metrics has created additional stress on critical care nurses. These nurses report less capacity for compassionate feelings toward patients when they perceive their role expectations are not met. METHOD: There were 29 participants involved. The nurses were educated on compassion satisfaction and compassion fatigue and were invited to take the Professional Quality of Life survey (ProQOL). Chi-Square analyzes were used to find the relationships between burnout and age, education, unit tenure and nursing experience. A statistically significant relationship was found between burnout and unit tenure (chi sq = 15.3, p <.009). Nurses, with a tenure between one and three years were almost three times as likely to experience burnout compared to nurses with less than one year and more than three years of unit tenure. A statistically significant relationship was also found between burnout and nursing experience (chi sq = 10.6, p <.05). However, there was no correlation with the HCAHPS. CONCLUSIONS: Strategies were provided to the nurse managers on ways to identify and prevent compassion fatigue. These recommendations include: utilizing the ProQOL, being a transformational leader and implementing a meaningful recognition program.
Compassion, Burn out (Psychology), Fatigue, Nurses, Compassion fatigue, Burnout, Professional, Staff nurses, ProQOL, Professional Quality of Life survey (ProQOL)
Belz, M., Gerken, A., Kimminau, L., & Sittner, B. (2018). Compassion awareness. [MSN Capstone presentation]. Lincoln, NE : Bryan College of Health Sciences.