Incarcerated Left Inguinal Hernia

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The patient of this case had undergone a unique experience as he had minimal risk factors for an inguinal hernia. He presented to the emergency department with a sudden onset of a severe left incarcerated inguinal hernia. After an ultrasound and CT imaging, he immediately was sent to surgery for a left-sided inguinal hernia repair. During surgery complications were discovered as some of the bowel had been incarcerated. Twelve days after the surgical procedure, the patient presented again to the emergency department with symptoms of a right inguinal hernia. After additional imaging, he was sent back for another surgical repair. With the proper imaging modalities of computed tomography and ultrasound available to evaluate his condition, he was able to receive necessary care for a good outcome.
Inguinal hernia, Testicle, Bowel, Hernia - Surgery, Incarcerated hernia
Sedivy, A. (2019). Incarcerated Left Inguinal Hernia [DMS Capstone Presentation]. Bryan College of Health Sciences : Lincoln, NE