Alternative Learning Strategies to Increase Clinical Judgment for the NCLEX Next Generation Exam

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Bryan College of Health Sciences
Purpose: To evaluate alternatives to traditional clinical experiences that can increase students’ clinical judgment and clinical competencies in order to better prepare them for the Next Generation NCLEX exam. Literature Review: An important goal of nursing education is to improve the competencies and clinical judgment of nursing students. Traditional clinical is utilized to help develop student’s clinical judgment skills and clinical competencies. In many locations, nursing programs are limited in enrollment due to lack of clinical resources. The field of nursing is growing rapidly with nursing educators working diligently to meet the challenges of faculty shortages and limited clinical sites (Curl, E. D. et al., 2016). The Theoretical Framework that was utilized was NCSBN Clinical Judgment Measurement Model. The Third layer was primarily utilized due to it being the measurable cognitive aspects of clinical decision making. Methods: A fishbone diagram was utilized to determine a gap. IRB approval was obtained. An extensive literature review was conducted and a coding procedure was developed. Articles were reviewed, categorized and coded. Expert interviews were conducted and categorized into themes. Spiral data analysis was utilized to determine themes within the research. Results: Simulation, case studies and reflections were found as valid tools to increase student clinical judgment skills. Faculty evaluation and feedback is needed to determine the level of clinical judgment and to address areas of clinical judgment that need improvement. Faculty can use evaluations to address gaps in clinical judgment. Conclusions: Through this review, it was determined that simulation, case study, and reflection are valid alternatives to traditional clinical time to increase student’s clinical judgment. Educators need to implement clinical judgment into curriculum to prepare students for the Next Generation NCLEX exam. Future recommendations include development for a standardized evaluation tool with governing body support and an implementation plan for faculty.
Clinical judgement, Alternative learning, Simulation, Reflection case studies
Nespor-Hartig, E., Grummert, K., & Olerich, M. (2021). Alternative learning strategies to increase clinical judgment for the NCLEX Next Generation exam [MSN Capstone presentation]. Lincoln, NE: Bryan College of Health Sciences.