Workplace Attributes Leading to Job Satisfaction of the Bedside Nurse

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Bryan College of Health Sciences
Purpose: The purpose of this quality improvement project is to better understand workplace attributes of selected units within an acute care hospital to provide recommended strategies for improving the workplace attributes as a way to promote nurses’ job satisfaction. The guiding question was “What are the attributes that promote nurses’ job satisfaction within the workplace?” Literature Review: Communication, relationships with physicians, and nursing involvement in decision making are workplace attributes discussed in the literature leading to job satisfaction. Nurses having autonomy and control over their work environment are also strong factors for satisfaction with the work environment. Methods: The project took place on both intensive care and progressive care units. The stakeholders were the nurse managers and directors of these units and the CNO of the organization. A Google Form was developed to administer the questionnaire and participants were invited via email. SMART objectives were created, partially met, with one being delayed. The PDSA framework relates to change theory in planning, implementing, and evaluating the project. Data were collected via the NWI-R as the instrument. The capstone project was reviewed by the IRB and deemed as a quality improvement project. Results: The outcome of this quality improvement project was to identify strategies as recommendations, which included implementing task forces for nurse's involvement in controlling costs, employee forums increased to bi-monthly, twice monthly informal CNO rounding, maintaining a culture of safety, and professional/career development opportunities with improved marketing. Recommendations were given via a flyer and presentation. Conclusion: The project's outcomes supported the guiding question, in that we learned work attributes that scored higher on job satisfaction, which were also supported in the literature. Initially, stakeholders should focus on the most influential recommendations provided and create SMART goals as a framework to implement strategies going forward.
Job satisfaction, Workplace attributes
Johnson, S., & Speer, K. (2020). Workplace attributes leading to job satisfaction of the bedside nurse [MSN Capstone presentation]. Lincoln, NE: Bryan College of Health Sciences.