The Perceived Challenges of Advising Undergraduate Nursing Students and the Effects on Faculty as Advisors

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Academic advising can significantly influence academic success. However, little is known about the challenges and the effects on nurse faculty advising baccalaureate nursing students. The purpose of this qualitative phenomenology study was to explore the challenges faculty experience advising baccalaureate nursing students and the effect those challenges have on faculty advisors. Semi-structured interviews were utilized with a purposeful sample of six nurse faculty advisor participants at three Midwest undergraduate nursing program. Participants perceived four challenges of workload, lack of training, lack of student accountability, and the student-advisor relationship. The effect from these challenges consisted of a sense of emergency, lack of purpose, and stress and anxiety. These findings add to the lack of literature in academic advising in nursing education to better support nursing faculty advising nursing students to retain qualified nursing faculty.
Higher Education, Health education, Nursing, Academic advisement, Academic advising, Baccalaureate education, Faculty advisors, Nursing education, Nursing Faculty