Generational Diversity Among Registered Nurses in the Workplace: A Quality Improvement Project for Enhancing Communication and Collaboration

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Bryan College of Health Sciences
Purpose: The purpose of this quality improvement project was to enhance intergenerational communication and collaboration among staff RNs in the workplace. What are the strategies to enhance communication and collaboration among generationally diverse RNs? Literature Review: The RN workforce is currently comprised of three generational cohorts including baby boomers, millennials, and generation X. RNs from generation Z will soon be entering the workforce. Generational diversity influences many workplace outcomes including morale, commitment, and patient care. Generational diversity among RNs effects communication and collaboration in the workplace. The Dynamic Social-Ecological Model of Generational Identity in the Workplace identifies how differences in generational diversity can negatively impact workplace outcomes. Methods: A comparative correlation design was used to analyze three generational cohorts on six acute care hospital units. The units’ nursing directors served as stakeholders. The SMART objective was to identify ten strategies to improve communication and collaboration among staff RNs to foster an inclusive, intergenerational work environment. The Workplace Intergenerational Climate Scale (WICS) was utilized to collect data. Data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. The IRB determined this to be a quality improvement project. Results: The results guided the identification of strategies which included generational competence and sensitivity education, team building, reverse mentoring, embracing generational strengths, and building a culture supportive of generational diversity. The strategies were shared with the stakeholders and unit staff via posters. Conclusion: An implementation plan and timeline are necessary to incorporate the recommended strategies within the project’s setting.
Generational diversity, Communication, Collaboration, Multigenerational workplace, Healthcare
Weise, J., & Bernecker, W. (2020). Generational diversity among registered nurses in the workplace: A quality improvement project for enhancing communication and collaboration [MSN Capstone presentation]. Lincoln, NE: Bryan College of Health Sciences.