Exploring the methods and value of retaining Master's prepared nurses at the bedside

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Bryan College of Health Sciences
The purpose of this quality improvement project was to explore the methods and value of retaining advanced degree nurses at the bedside and determine incentives that would support this action. BACKGROUND: Literature supports the benefit of master’s prepared nurses (MPNs) providing bedside care to improve patient outcomes, decrease mortality and failure to rescue, and address the nursing shortage. METHODS: A survey was developed using Google Forms to evaluate the nurses’ awareness of the supporting literature and identify desired incentives. The key stakeholders included nursing directors. The setting was a large medical center located in the Midwest. The survey was emailed to all registered nurses at the medical center and yielded 208 responses. The sample included 66 nurses with a master’s degree or higher, or planning to obtain a master’s degree in the next 5 years. RESULTS: Over half of the respondents had minimal to no knowledge of the benefits of having MPNs at the bedside and only 16.1% of nurses were motivated to remove themselves from the bedside by seeking a higher degree. The most significant incentives to keep MPNs at the bedside included pay increase (90.3%) and weekend/holidays off (71%); 67.7% of MPN respondents were currently practicing bedside nursing. The qualitative data identified a tuition assistance program and recognition on name badge as common incentives. RECOMMENDATIONS: Take the findings to an interprofessional focus group for further analysis, educate employees of the benefits of having MPNs at the bedside and discuss the results with the stakeholders.
Masters-prepared nurses, Incentives, Patient bedside, Staff nurses, Personnel retention, Education, nursing, masters, Motivation
Meyer, K., Hayes, B. & Bedient, K. (2019). Exploring the methods and value of retaining Master’s prepared nurses at the bedside [MSN Capstone presentation]. Lincoln, NE : Bryan College of Health Sciences.