A Descriptive Study Exploring the Components of Academic Coaching Programs in Nursing Education across the Midwest

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Research supports that academic coaching programs help students succeed in their progression through a nursing education program. Based on the literature, there is a need for further definition and a deeper understanding of academic coaching programs’ components and their effectiveness in promoting nursing student success. This study explores what constitutes best practices for creating and implementing academic coaching programs in nursing education to promote student success. Participants were chosen through the purposeful sampling of Deans, Directors, and Program Chairs of nursing programs in eleven Midwestern States. All participants were sent an invitation to participate that included a link to an author-created survey tool constructed for this study. This study revealed the most commonly implemented components of academic coaching programs and their level of effectiveness. There were thirty possible components established from the review of the literature. Participants were asked whether their program utilized the component and ranked its level of effectiveness in student success. This study recommends that implementing academic coaching program components of the highest level of effectiveness would be of the most significant benefit. Further studies are recommended to validate the most common components and those most effective in promoting student success. Keywords: academic coaching, academic success, education, nursing, nursing students, program development, academic achievement, success coaching.
Nursing, Higher education, Academic coaching, Academic success, Education, Nursing students
Johnson, A. (2021). A descriptive study exploring the components of academic coaching programs in nursing education across the Midwest. [Doctoral dissertation, Bryan College of Health Sciences].