Assessing undergraduate nursing students' confidence utilizing simulated bedside shift report

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Bryan College of Health Sciences
PURPOSE: The purpose of this quality improvement project is to use simulation training for bedside nurse reporting with undergraduate nursing students to increase their confidence levels. BACKGROUND: Typically, nursing students are not taught how to perform handoff communication systematically; handoff reporting is learned through vicarious observations and apprenticeship experiences. As a result, they may observe many clinical handoff reports but lack the ability to independently conduct effective reports during care transitions and critique the reports of others (Lee et al, 2016). Clinical simulation training helps to ensure participants receive the same content, affording them the opportunity to practice new skills, and help to work through challenging situations and learn from their own and others' mistakes in a safe environment (Connolly, 2017). METHOD: An educational power point was reviewed by the students at the beginning of their simulation day. Students completed a 4 question pre and post survey developed by the research team to assess student confidence utilizing SBAR format. RESULTS: Results were analyzed using a Paired T test. The average pre and post scores have a p value of <0.0001, and it was found that 267 percent of undergraduate nursing students said they strongly agreed feeling confident when delivering bedside shift report after participating in a simulated environment. CONCLUSIONS: The results of this survey indicate the need for continued bedside shift report during simulation experiences to increase future nursing students' confidence.
Simulation, Bedside shift report, Nursing -- Study and teaching -- Simulation methods, Communication in nursing -- Study and teaching, Shift reports -- Study and teaching, Hand off (Patient Safety) -- Study and teaching
Bratt, J., Ehmke, C., Park, E. & Sittner, B. (2018). Assessing undergraduate nursing students’ confidence utilizing simulated bedside shift report. [MSN Capstone presentation]. Lincoln, NE : Bryan College of Health Sciences.