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Bryan College of Health Sciences
Although uncommon, bezoars are a well-recognized accumulation of partially or completely undigested material present anywhere in the gastrointestinal tract. There are multiple types of bezoars, each classified according to their contents. In this case study, a female child presented to her primary care physician with generalized abdominal pain. Physical examination verified the presence of a palpable mass in the epigastric region. The primary care provider ordered an abdominal ultrasound examination, which was followed up with a computed tomography (CT) contrast exam. Comparison of the two imaging modalities resulted in the diagnosis of a gastric bezoar. Onset of bezoar symptoms does not occur until the mass becomes relatively large in size. Once symptoms are present it is important for doctors and healthcare professionals to diagnose and treat bezoars in an accurate and timely manner. Early detection provides the patient enough time to attempt noninvasive treatment options before the bezoar becomes life threatening.
Bezoars, Intestinal obstruction, Ultrasonography, Multimodal imaging
Klein, R. (2019). Bezoar [Diagnostic Medical Sonography Capstone presentation]. Lincoln, NE : Bryan College of Health Sciences.