Standardizing the Evaluation of Service Learning

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Abstract Background: Service learning is an educational pedagogy that provides students with an opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to real-life situations. There are three components of service learning: course outcomes, service, and reflection. One barrier to incorporating service learning into nursing curriculum is the lack of a standardized measurement to evaluate students’ service learning experiences. Purpose: The purpose of this study was two-fold: first, to develop a standardized rubric to evaluate nursing students’ experiences of service learning within an undergraduate nursing school program, and second, to test the reliability and validity of the newly developed measurement tool, the Hunt Service Learning Evaluation (HuSLE) rubric to evaluate students’ experiences of service learning. Methods: This descriptive study used a convenience sample of five undergraduate faculty who provided data for the development of the HuSLE rubric’s psychometric properties. Results: Analyses indicated that overall, the items within the HuSLE rubric have a high percentage of agreement among raters; six out of the eight items were statistically significant. The reflection domain had the greatest amount of variation between raters. The content validity index (CVI) completed by the raters was statistically significant during phase I. The CVI completed by the content experts was statistically significant for all items except number of service hours, type of service, and reflection-bridging the experience. Conclusion: This study demonstrated the design and development of a standardized rubric used to evaluate undergraduate nursing students’ experiences of service learning that has not yet been reported in the literature. A standardized rubric with statistically significant validity was established. The HuSLE rubric is reliable and valid and may be an easy tool for nurse educators to use as a strategy for measuring nursing students’ service learning experiences.
Nursing, Nursing education, Assessment, Evaluation, Service learning, Rubric development, Teaching strategy
Hunt, T. A. (2019). Standardizing the evaluation of service learning (Doctoral dissertation). Bryan College of Health Sciences, Lincoln, NE.