An Assessment of Burnout and Associated Characteristics among Midcareer Prelicensure BSN Faculty

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The United States is projected to experience a shortage of registered nurses due to aging baby boomers and growing need for health care. Nursing faculty shortage directly impacts the supply and demand for nurses. Each career stage of nursing faculty, early, middle, and late, have components that effect the work group. There is a need to explore midcareer nursing faculty based on the majority of faculty fall in this career stage and have many challenges in work-life. The purpose of this study is to understand more about the pragmatic issues of education by investigating the prevalence of active, Midwestern, prelicensure, midcareer Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) faculty experience of burnout. The main aim is to discover if midcareer prelicensure BSN faculty experience burnout. The Maslach Burnout Inventory-Educators Survey (MBI-ES) was used to collect data from a sample of 44 Midwestern midcareer nursing faculty. In this descriptive, cross-sectional design, midcareer nursing faculty were chosen by a convenience sampling. The results of frequency distribution and t tests (p=0.0086) showed that midcareer nursing faculty (mean=23.55) had a significantly higher level of burnout based on their Emotional Exhaustion Subscale score compared to postsecondary teachers (mean=18.57). Pearson’s correlation coefficients found that midcareer nursing faculty who exercised (2-tailed=0.007) and taught more credit hours (2-tailed=0.14) in a semester had a low level of burnout based on their Personal Accomplishment Score. Results of this study indicate that midcareer nursing faculty have high Emotional Exhaustion. Findings from this study suggest that midcareer nursing faculty who have a hobby, exercise, and teach more credit hours in a semester demonstrate a high Personal Accomplishment. Further investigation into the work/life balance of midcareer nursing faculty would assist in supporting professional development and mentoring program.
Higher education, Burnout, Coping, Midcareer, Nursing education, Nursing faculty, Work-life balance
Bentjen, M. (2019). An assessment of burnout and associated characteristics among midcareer prelicensure BSN faculty (Doctoral dissertation). Bryan College of Health Sciences, Lincoln, NE.